The modern world demands from all organizations to change and adapt to the current realities. Today, the customer and his (her) priorities are in the center of operation of all organizations/companies. The preferences, wishes, needs of customers, including communication channels used by them change rapidly and companies/organizations should quickly and efficiently adapt to those changes. Companies should change, adapt to needs and expectations of society very quickly. Thus, companies/organizations better regularly conduct communications audit and get consultancy, in order to see and measure strong and weak sides of communication activities. We conduct communications audit and provide consultancy in order:

  • asses the state of relations with all stakeholders;
  • analyze the existing issues, challenges in communication with stakeholders, target audiences, and identify opportunities and mans of addressing them;
  • measure and set up communication goals and objectives;
  • see a complete picture of the perception of the image and weaknesses;
  • analyze the level of corporate culture;
  • suggest complete communication program and activities.