PR trends for 2024

At Change PR Kazakhstan, we are trying not to fall behind trends.  We reviewed different articles, research, and forecasts and compiled for you the list of trends in the PR industry to be looked at in 2024.

1. Importance of data-driven PR

In the previous years, analysts forecasted an increase in using the data. In 2024, PR specialists will be more frequently using data for PR campaigns. PR professionals will use data to analyze audience behavior, sentiment, and engagement metrics. The data-driven approach will help to increase the effectiveness of campaigns.

2. Rise of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be one of the main trends. More AI tools launched and in 2024 it is expected that AI will play a crucial role in content creation. AI-driven analytics will help predict trends and optimize communication strategies.

3. Focus on purpose

In 2024 consumer will be more loyal to brands that align with their values. Therefore, it is expected that companies will be running purpose-driven PR campaigns around social responsibility and sustainability.

4. Increase of virtual and hybrid events

After COVID pandemics hybrid events became quite popular. Now, the hybrid events will compile the list of event. In 2024, it is expected that PR professionals will utilize virtual and hybrid event formats for product launches, press conferences, and brand experiences.

5. Change in influencer marketing

In 2024, it is believed CPA (cost per action) model in influencer marketing will be more popular, brands will tend to work more with micro-influencers and PR professionals will collaborate with influencers whose values align with their brand. Also, the role of analytics to measure the real impact of influencer campaigns will be on rise as well.

6. Crisis Communications and Crisis Management

The global politics and more active use of social media platforms by the audience will influence crisis communication management. PR professionals will have to deal with the influence of politics on their companies/organizations and interact with stakeholders via social media and other digital platforms.

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